Topalov – Kamsky lost in translation

Bulgarian news agencies mess up a translation

The match Kamsky – Topalov entered in a very dramatic momentum last evening when the Bulgarian news agencies published the text of the letter of Stefan Sergiev (President of the Bulgarian Chess Federation) to the FIDE President Kirsan Ilymzhinov. The text was full of factual mistakes and finished in a strange way for an official letter.

Early Saturday morning there was a quick reaction by the Bulgarian Chess Federation members. They said, “The text of the letter in the Bulgarian news agencies is a wrong translation of the original that we have sent them.” After a while, the original of the letter of the Kamsky – Topalov match arrived by email to the Chessdom editors.

The wrong text (translation of which you can find here) continues to be spread through the Bgnes news agency.

The Bulgarian Chess Federation members specified, “Of course we did not call the match between Kramnik and Anand semi final, as it was published in Bulgarian media. This would be total disrespect to the match itself.”

letter to kirsan ilymzhinov